Hi there!

You're here, great! This either means that you got here by accident (Google may finally show my blog in a search result and you took a chance clicking the link) or maybe you actually wanted to get here? Either way I appreciate you being here, and hopefully I'll be able to hold your attention for a few more lines.

Who am I?

Probably none that you've might have heard of, so let's say I'm the average Joe who happens to enjoy spending time reading and writing code (mostly on the .NET platform).

During the past 5 year I've gotten my degree in Computer Science, written thousands of lines of code and I've got to experience my first job as an full-time developer. I'm also active on Twitter and GitHub.

The blogger himself

What's in it for you?

Whether you're seeking information on the latest trends, looking for tips and tricks on how to use different technologies or just want to listen to ramblings of the daily life being a programmer, I've got you covered.

I'm hungry for knowledge and I love to share it. Therefore I can promise that I've got a lot of goodies in stock, just for you, same place - so keep an eye out every now and then.

Without further ado...

If I've got your attention this far, I guess there is nothing left for me but to welcome you to my humble blog or as I call it, "The Life of a Programmer".

Next week's topic: "The Social Geek - Joining a User Group".

Stay tuned!